Drain Repair Toronto Gets Toilets Flowing

drain repair toronto

One of the most used parts of the plumbing in our homes can be found in the bathroom. Both the toilet and the shower get used multiple times each day. Some of us think that the drain repair Toronto residents ask for their toilets is good enough to make sure they work properly, but the drain pipe is but one of the parts of a toilet. The real key is to ensure that water flows only when and where it should. The drain repair Toronto homeowners commonly ask for ensures the drain pipes are in good condition and not blocked. However, if the water flows to the toilet bowl continuously it can cause a surprisingly larger water bill.

How can we ensure our toilets work properly? Plumbers experienced in drain repair say the first thing to look for is proper installation. If you are having a new toilet installed, make sure to hire plumbers with the appropriate education, certification and skills.

Otherwise the drains pipes on your toilet may not have the most effective slope to encourage flow; that can result in slow flowing toilets and frequent drain blockages. If the wax seal is not properly installed, grey water can leak onto the toilet floor creating a slip and health hazard – aside from causing a persistent bad smell. Improperly installed flush mechanisms may either fail or result in leaks that magnify your water bill.

If you suspect that your toilet is has not been properly installed, ask a professional plumber with drain repair experience to do an inspection. Get any findings fixed by professional plumbers at once. The Plumber’s Residential Council Ontario is a good source of names of experienced plumbers.

The next thing we need to ensure is proper usage. Toilets are meant to be used as, well, toilets; to flush down our personal liquid and solid wastes. Drain repair experts will tell you that many clogs they have to deal with involve people misusing their toilets. The only solids that toilets are designed to handle are human waste. However some people dispose of paper, napkins, and sometimes even grease, in their toilet bowls. Grease will coagulate and accumulate in the pipe internals. Hair does not degrade for years and when combined with grease will ‘catch’ other solids to form a clog.

The last thing to consider is proper maintenance. Even the most durable parts fall prey to regular wear and tear. The best defense against surprise failures of this type is an observant eye. Look for wet spots, where there should not be one, a discoloration in metals indicating corrosion, a small catch in the flush button, or maybe a slow draining toilet. Most of us can replace a defective flush mechanism. However any leaks we cannot find the source of need the attention of a real plumber.

Similarly any toilet clog that will not respond to a plunger or a drain snake is probably too deep into the pipe for most of us to handle. These are best left to plumbers specializing in drain repairs.

A properly working toilet is a result of correct installation, proper use, and a bit of maintenance. Ensure that and your toilet is unlikely to give you unpleasant surprises.

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